Knowledgeable, Personal Consultation

At Mayson’s Pharmacy, we are proud to provide our customers with close, personal service that bigger, corporate chain pharmacies cannot give. When you have a prescription with us, our pharmacists will take the time to discuss the medication with you, so you are completely informed about what the medication is for and any possible side effects that you should know about. We can also make sure you are aware of how to properly administer the medication to ensure that it works the way it is supposed to.

Education About Your Medication

As part of our commitment to our service to you, we will always make sure to check your new prescriptions to ensure that there are no possible adverse drug interactions that could make taking the medication counterproductive. If we find any potential issues, we will make sure you are aware of them and will even discuss these with your doctor to see if you should perhaps try an alternative solution.

Get the personalized service that other pharmacies cannot match at Mayson’s. Stop by and see us today!